"Mattapoisett...It's Special" Bumper Sticker

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We brought back "Mattapoisett...It's Special"! And then we put it on the classic banana yellow bumper sticker!

If anyone knows exactly what year this bumper sticker was created, we'd like to hear from you. The "Mattapoisett...It's Special" bumper sticker has taken on icon status. Chris remembers it from when he was a kid. So it has been around for at least 40 years. We get asked in the store all the time if we have them...and we didn't, until now. We went online to find a photo and would you believe we found a photo of a rusty old Saab in England of all places with this bumper sticker on it. We sent that to our printer, gave him advice not to fiddle with the utilitarian typography and original banana yellow color, and whaddaya-know, a classic is revived. We have'em now. If you have ties to Mattapoisett, or just want to look like a townie, decorate your bumper with this beauty. Because: Mattapoisett....It's Special.

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