Thomas Paul - Scrimshaw Moby Tray Set

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The Scrimshaw collection is inspired by the pieces sailors on whaling ships would carve into whale bone while out at sea.

The vision for the Thomas Paul brand has always been combining classic design motifs from different periods with textile and houseware design. These unique elements incorporate anything from an 18th century Damask patterns to avant-garde camouflage prints.

The unifying thread between so many Thomas Paul designs is the way they are adapted into modern style. By melding traditional coastal elements with a new approach to patterning and color, Thomas Paul pushes the boundaries of homeware design.


  • melamine
  • dishwasher safe
  • do not microwave
  • BPA free
  • each tray measures 13,25" x 9.125"
  • Set of two trays-head and tail


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