Fishs Eddy - Knotical Glass

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The Knotical Glass is part of Fishs Eddy Knotical Collection. It measures 4.75" tall and 2.63" wide. A Fishs Eddy Exclusive, this glass is made of food-safe glass and is restaurant-quality. This glass is microwave safe and can hold 10 oz. of whatever you want. And the best news yet: This product is Made in America.

There are a couple of businesses that we aspire to be like and Fishs Eddy is one of them. Started in New York City over twenty-five years ago, Fishs Eddy has made its own history. Millions of edgy, unique and incredibly fun dishes and glasses have come through their unique New York City retail shop and through their wholesale doors to shops like our own. We love their products, their politics and their people.

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