Croccantini - Mini Crackers w/ Cracked Black Pepper

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Croccantini means “crunchy little bite” in Italian, which perfectly describes La Panzanella’s Croccantini crackers. Essentially, Croccantini are a super crisp flatbread that are usually served with cheeses and spreads. These small, bite-sized crackers are designed to have cracked-by-hand look, giving an informal, rustic feel to cheeseboards. Their artisan look, feel and taste are right at home you’re savoring them with a wedge of cheese as a snack or serving them with fine wine in a cheese board.

Cracked Pepper Croccantinis are made with fresh cracked black peppercorns and a pinch of coarse sea salt for a full, simple yet rich flavor that makes for a great match to creamy cheeses, spreads, and rustic pates. Crumble them into a soup or savor them with hummus or a delicious pea pesto. Or go the sweet and spicy route by matching them with a sweet tomato preserve. The black pepper shines through in this simple cracker, but doesn’t overwhelm, for a great marriage of flavors with whatever you decide to partner them with. Cured meats, a flavorful rillette, a simple wedge of Brie….endless flavor combinations!

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