Sun Jar - Solar Lamp

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The "Sun Jar" solar lamps can be used as charming lights for the garden or as a night light on the balcony or patio. The glasses are waterproof and can withstand damp summers.

The "Sun Jar" has a classic style. It stores sunlight and lights up as soon as it gets dark outside (although it can also be switched off). The frosted glass creates a peaceful and idyllic atmosphere. Fully charged, it lasts up to 5 hours. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Also ideal as a nice nightlight in a child's room.

Instructions: Open Sun Jar, set switch to "charge", put in the sun (or on a sunny windowsill). At dusk switch to "auto", Sun Jar will start to light as soon as it gets dark.

The Sun Jar provides:
Moody light
For indoor and outdoor
Waterproof seal
Easy charging
Fully charged, Sun Jar lights up to 5 hours
Before using Sun Jar for 2-3 hours in intense sunlight

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