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North Country Wind Bells was started by Jim and May Davidson on the craggy Maine Coast, in the mid seventies. In the small village of Round Pond they, their family and neighbors, craft wind bells that echo the distinctive and familiar tones of coastal and harbor bells. Each North Country Wind Bell is based on Jim's and his family's interpretation of the gong and bell buoys in the areas for which they're named. Due to the wide variances in their tones, their groupings have resulted in a single, double and triple-toned bell. Each is reminiscent of the magic they experienced in the water.

The Cape Cod Bell: From the Norsemen onward, hardy men and women have sought the beautiful sand beaches of Cape Cod. But only within recent history have sailors enjoyed the peace of mind provided by bell buoys sounding their distinct tones across Cape Cod's waters.

Height: 13 inches

Tones: Three

Weight: 7 Pounds

Color: Semi-Flat Black

Please Note: From time to time we may be out of a certain wind catcher, the piece that hangs below the bell and causes the bell to clang when the wind blows. The photo in this product description shows a buoy wind catcher. We may have other wind catcher designs in stock such as a seahorse, whale, lighthouse or outline of Cape Cod. We will email you once your order has been placed to confirm which wind catchers we have in stock.

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