Dietz - 2000 Millennium Warm-it-Up Lantern

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The Dietz #2000 Millennium Cooker Lantern was developed to heat water or food for emergency or camping use indoors or out. Its compact design is similar to the Dietz #30 Little Wizard lantern, and will burn for 23 hours per filling. Included is an aluminum plate and 12 oz. cup to heat water, soup or a small meal, as well as a snap-on bracket and hold-down pegs to prevent tip over when used outdoors. A must have for emergency preparedness kits.


12" Height, 6" Base Diameter
Plate and cup: 4 1/2" OD Average 9 Candle Power, 5/8" Wick
17 oz. Fount Capacity, 23 Hour Burning Time
Approx. Thermal Output: 1100 BTU per Hour
Operates on Average at 4 Cents per Hour worth of Lamp Oil

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