Fir Forest

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For people who love the aroma of balsam fir. Or prefer to be in Maine.

When it comes to earthy scents, we think folks fall in to one of two camps — you love the scent of balsam fir, or you don't. And guess what, we do! Which is why we created this fun FIR FOREST gift crate. Made up of products that hail from northern New England states, this gift crate includes: (1) Paine's of Maine balsam fir filled draft stop (perfect for drafty doors or windows!); (2) Aunt Sadie's of Vermont balsam fir scented candle; (3) Box of balsam fir incense; (4) A small balsam fir pillow that will fill up any room or drawer with this wonderful foresty scent. Just tell us what to say on the gift note, where to send it when you check out, and we'll handle the rest. PLEASE NOTE: From time to time we may be out of stock of a certain gift crate product you see in the photo. At our discretion, we will replace it with a similar product of equal value.

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