TWGS 2019 4th of July Collector’s T-Shirt (Youth)

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For anyone who has ever been to Mattapoisett on the 4th of July, you know that the day starts off right in front of our general store with the much anticipated 4th of July Road Race.
People of all ages come home from far-flung locales to be a part of this time-honored tradition running through the beautiful streets of Mattapoisett.
Some people walk, some run with strollers, or some take the race really seriously and compete for a good time. And there are crowds along the way whooping and hollering and wishing everyone well. You’ll find supporters dragging their hoses out to water down runners, handing out cups of water, some houses even set up with a band playing live music in their front yard.
And often times, you’ll see houses displaying their years’ worth of coveted Road Race t-shirts. Every year, each runner gets a t-shirt. It’s a badge of honor for most runners. And highly collectible.
Well, we’ve created our own badge of honor for everyone else who came to cheer on the runners, or just wanted an excuse to hang out on the porch of the Inn…instead of taking to the streets to run the race. Now for the first time you can buy a TWGS logo tee with our much-loved logo on the front with a patriotic spin, and a tongue-and-cheek “I thought about running” message on the back.
We have a specific supply of these t-shirts in adult and youth sizes so get them now while they last. Be sure to wear yours the day of the 2019 4th of July Mattapoisett Road Race.
*Shirts will arrive around July 2nd or 3rd, we will email customers when they come in

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