Shop In-Person, Shop Online, or Private Shop

Hello everyone. We've been navigating the tricky COVID19 retail situation over the past year in an effort to keep everyone safe. The good news is we're open with a variety of shopping options. It's not perfect since we always prefer seeing so many people at once in our beautiful store. But for the foreseeable future we need to make some changes to the way our customers shop out of concern for your safety and the safety of our staff, and we hope you'll support us in these changes.

Our COVID19 adapted shopping approach moving forward allows you to both shop in-person at the general store, as well as conveniently order online from our extensive online catalogue on this website. We've invested considerable time and resources getting what we feel is the best local online shopping retail experience going and the site has been updated and will be continuously updated with an array of new small-batch goods and unique products so you can easily find what you need.

Moving forward, you'll be able to shop at the Town Wharf General Store in one of the following ways: 

1. Shop In-Person: Yes! We are open for business. Check our website, Facebook page, or give us a call to confirm store hours. Please wear a face mask when you visit, and if there are already 3 to 4 customers in the store when you arrive, kindly wait outside while others shop. We are required to keep shopping volume in the shop to about 4 people at a time. If you're one family unit, it's okay to bring everyone in.

2. Order Online with CURBSIDE PICKUP: Order online we'll have it ready within a few hours. Give us a phone call or knock on the store door and we'll bring your bags outside and leave them on the store's front bench. Just select "Curbside Pickup" during the online shopping check-out process.

3. Order Online and We'll SHIP ANYWHERE IN THE USA: Shop TWGS online from the comfort of wherever, and we'll ship your package for you. We understand with Amazon that customers have next day expectations. But please keep in mind we are a small operation and it can take up to a week to ship at times. (This is not the norm, but it can happen.)

4. Order Online with TRI-TOWN DELIVERY: For our friends in Mattapoisett, Marion, and Rochester, we offer late afternoon delivery after 4:00 PM. During the days the store is open to the public, orders received before noontime will be delivered on the same day, and all orders afterwards will be delivered on the following business day after 4:00pm. Just select "Tri-Town Delivery" during the online shopping check-out process.

5. Email or Call Chris's mobile # (508-287-2695) to arrange a PRIVATE SHOPPING APPOINTMENT: Missing the General Store? Schedule an in-person shopping appointment for just you or two other of your closest friends. Shop with the safety of being the only one here. At this time, you are required to wear a face covering when shopping.


Thanks for hanging in there with us.

And as always, we appreciate your business.

Your friends,

CHRIS + VINCE and the TWGS Team