Bar Harbor - Indian Pudding

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Willard M. Look founded the original East Machias Canning Company in 1917, on a wharf at the head of Holmes Bay. It was Willard Look who first developed the successful process for handling and canning crab meat and lobster, a process that we still use today. It’s this company that would become Bar Harbor Foods. And while the business has expanded and changed over the past 85 years, Downeast Maine still inspires all their products. Their premium foods reflect naturally delicious New England cuisine and authentic Maine traditions.Bar Harbor’s rich Indian Pudding is made the traditional way in small batches with stone-ground corn meal, thick molasses, and other aromatic spices of the holidays (although it’s great all year round). This old-fashioned New England dessert is ready to be put in a double boiler or microwave to heat before being topped with heavy cream, maple syrup, or ice cream. Although it is also delicious cold.

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